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Gambling Addiction Problem

Gambling, though fun and lucrative at times, might also become a serious problem for some people. As much as all the fun things in life, it might inflict some damage when enjoyed without moderation. That is exactly why there’s such a critical problem as gambling addiction that drives some people crazy, robs them of their money, destroys their families, and just devastates their lives entirely. If you ever felt like gambling is taking the best of you, this article might help you answer at least some of your questions regarding gambling addiction and help you figure your next steps in fighting this problem.

01. How Not to Fall in Addiction?

Falling into this pit is dangerous, and you surely don’t want that to happen to you or someone you care about. Of course, there are people who can control themselves and their desires just fine, and if you are one of those, you probably have no problems stepping off the table when you feel the time is right for you to leave. Unfortunately, not all of us have this resolve, and if you are not confident in your willpower to stop gambling, it is better for you to be honest with yourself and start acting.

Not falling into addiction might be challenging for most people, but you must be strong and honest with yourself not to make a huge mistake. You can start by setting up a clear time frame for your hobby. Gamble once a week or so, so you can have time for your friends, family, job, and other hobbies. Set a budget for your hobby, and never go beyond it. If you are really passionate about gambling, figure out the amount of money you could lose without having any problems afterward. It will depend on your overall wealth, so we cannot tell you how much you should spend, but always remember that gambling must never cause financial issues for you and your family.

Control and consistency are important too. If you’ve set all the boundaries, you should always stick to those boundaries and never go beyond them. Remain focused on bigger things in life and let them motivate you to stay cautious. Stay aware of your greater goals, such as your career, the wealth of your family, your personal happiness, and all the small things in life that you hold dear. This might sound harsh, but gambling can ruin it all and turn your life to dirt if you can’t control it.

02. Signs You May Be Gambling Addicted

The tricky thing about addictions, whether it is gambling, alcohol, smoking, or anything else, is that it is always hard to tell where’s that fine line between enjoying it occasionally and being a full-fledged addict. To be aware of your possible addiction, you once again need to be honest with yourself, and to make things clear, try to answer those questions:

  • Does gambling interfere with your personal life?
  • Did you ever have financial issues because of gambling?
  • Do you lose more than you win?
  • Does gambling take most or even all of your free time?
  • Are your family and friends concerned about your habit?

If you’ve got a positive answer to at least one of those questions – you have a problem, and it might be a good time to start recognizing it. There’s no shame in admitting you have a problem, more so, it takes courage and strength to start working on solving your problem. Taking responsibility for your mistakes is essential, and if you do that, be sure that your family, friends, and all the people who care about you will be there for you.

Recognize the problem, face it, and this will be the first and the most important step towards getting your life back to normal and becoming a better version of yourself. If you truly need help, first try seeking it among the people you trust and love the most – your family. For many addicts, the family might become this nurturing and caring environment in which they could immerse themselves completely and stay clear of the negative influences. You’ve got to believe in the love of your family and friends and trust in them because when they’ll see you making steps on that path to recovery from your addiction.

It would also be best to avoid people who can bring gambling back in your life – some casino buddies or whoever else that you associate with your negative side. Exclude yourself from the company of such people, even if it might seem harsh at first. You’ve got to understand that people who drag you down in that pit do not wish anything good for you, and they are not your real friends. If you want to move past your weakness, you need to leave those people behind and start a new life. You need to focus on positive people in your life and maybe even start new relationships with people who want you to become a better person.

Regardless of where you find your strength, it is important for you to stay positive about the changes you make. Some people find strength in their families; some trust their good friends, some turn to faith, some just keep on pushing forward using their inner strength – whatever works for you is fine. Be confident, and you will see how your life becomes more enjoyable, how your relationships improve, how your financial wealth becomes more considerable than before, and how people you love support you on your way to battling your weaknesses.

03. Where Get Help?

But what if it is not enough? Well, there are organizations helping addicts around the world, so let us talk about those some more. There are similar organizations in almost every country; some of them are international charitable organizations that provide their service for free; some of them are privately owned rehabilitation clinics that provide paid counseling. Depending on what you want, how severe your problem is, and what you can afford, you can turn to any of those for help. Here are just some of those:

Gamblers Anonymous

Website: http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga/content/about-us

This organization has been around for decades and helped thousands of people around the globe to get rid of their destructive addictions. As much as other types of Anonymous organizations for people with all sorts of addictions, Gamblers Anonymous employs a 12 step program that helps the addicts to gradually get rid of gambling, recover, and get back to a completely normal life. This organization functions in many countries around the world, so you can most likely find it nearby. Gamblers Anonymous helps people and gives hope to the addicts and their families, so if you feel like you need some professional help – you are more than welcome to join the program.

Bettor Anonymous

Website: http://www.bettors-anonymous.org/

Similarly to the previous organization, Bettors Anonymous provides help to gamblers from all around the world to battle their obsession and start a new life free from addiction. The Twelve Step program is the core idea of the rehabilitation centers that belong to the Bettor Anonymous where you can receive professional counseling services and go along with other addicts who are committed to changing their lives. This is an effective program that has already helped thousands of people around the world, so you may become one of those people.

Gambling Help NSW

Website: http://www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au/get-help/other-languages

This is yet another international organization that provides help to the gambling addicts around the world. Gambling Help is a part of a huge charitable organization that works in many countries, providing help to all kinds of addicts. Gambling addicts can, too, seek help in this organization and receive professional services from the best counselors. NSW provides additional services such as financial counseling to those who have problems controlling their funds and wasting too much money on gambling, alcohol, or drugs.

Gambler’s Help

Website: https://gamblershelp.com.au/get-help/help-in-other-languages/arabic/

Gambler’s Help is an organization that provides a free and confidential hotline for the gamblers in many countries. These guys also help you with self-exclusion from gambling, provide counseling, and any information you might need on how to deal with gambling addiction. This organization employs professional psychotherapists and counselors who can do some great things and change your life for good. This organization has been around for years and is trusted by thousands and thousands of people across the globe.

04. Summary

Fighting any kind of addiction is tough, but if you are reading this, you are already on the right path. It is our sincere hope that you will continue your battle, and before you know it, your life will change, your relationships with people you love will improve, your financial wealth will improve, and your emotional health will improve too. There are so many positive and wonderful things in life you should be looking up to instead of letting gambling take the best of you. Be responsible, be cautious, and only gamble when you are sure you can control yourself or better not at all. Stay strong and good luck!

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