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According to history, roulette was first introduced in 1720. Since then, the game has undergone several transitions. The game, like many others, was adapted to suit the audience based on where it was being played. This led to the rise of game variations as Roulette started being played all over the world. The initial game version, which was played in Italy, became subject to changes.

Now, with the introduction of the online gaming world and the concept of unlimited and unrestricted access, roulette online Qatar, like other casino games, is more accessible. This means that players around the world get to play any game variation from the comfort of their home.

In this review, we provide information on what the online gaming industry has to offer in terms of game quality, payment options, and bonuses. All these factors inform your choice of play as they all impact the quality of experience you have.

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Top Qatar Casino With Roulette 2023

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Jackpot City
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River Belle
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Spin Casino
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YYY Casino
24 votes
100% up to $500 + 15$ NDB
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100% up to $500 + 15$ NDB
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46 votes
$400 + 200 FS
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$400 + 200 FS
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43 votes
$700 + 50 FS
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$700 + 50 FS
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Alf Casino
40 votes
100% Up To $500 + 200 FS
Welcome Bonus
100% Up To $500 + 200 FS
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47 votes
100% Up To $500 + 200 FS
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100% Up To $500 + 200 FS
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44 votes
100% Up To $500 + 200 FS
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Yo Yo Casino
43 votes
100% Up To $500 + 100 FS
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How To Play Roulette For Real Money?

When you get on a casino to play roulette, there are two options: you either play for free or online for real money. If you choose the latter, you get to:

  1. Claim real-money rewards
  2. Play against other gamblers
  3. Participate in tournaments
  4. Compete for jackpot prizes

Choose The Best Qatar Casino From The List

The benefits that come with playing roulette online for money are only accessible if you play on a reliable online casino. Hence, your primary focus should be to find a website that offers the best perks. First, their main focus should be on customer satisfaction. This will inform the quality of your experience.

Also, you should examine the value of their bonuses and promotions. Online casinos have offers to help new players get started. There should also be offers that boost your bankroll every once in a while. Ensure that you go through a casino’s promotions page and determine the one that works for your playing budget.

The value of a casino bonus is dependent on the terms and conditions attached to it. Therefore, evaluate the wagering requirements and maximum and minimum deposit and withdrawal limits. Once you find the right fit, click the “Get Bonus” button to get started.

Make a Registration

The casino bonus you choose from the list will redirect you to the casino registration page. You will need to provide information such as your email address and a password for the site. The process of registration is simple and straightforward. Once you have an account with the site, you need to verify it to ensure security.

The verification process requires that you provide details on your banking method, residence, and legal identification. Some casinos do not need members to verify their accounts during registration. However, since you will have to undergo the process before making a withdrawal, it is best that you get it over with at this point.

Make a Deposit

As a way to show you how much they appreciate your membership and how excited the casino is to have you playing, new members receive a welcome bonus. This promotion can take different forms, and it might run over a pre-specified amount of time. Read through the terms and conditions of the signup offer before claiming it.

If you are comfortable with the terms, the next step is to select a banking method. Once you make a deposit, the bonus is credited to your account, and you can start playing.

Grab Your Bonus

The welcome offer is the introduction to a world full of free bonuses. In most casinos, table games such as roulette qualify for play when using a bonus. However, you should assess how much the particular game contributes to your effort to meet the wagering requirement.

Most new players on many casinos are drawn to the platform by the large numbers displayed as bonuses. Despite the attractiveness of some of them, you need to ensure that whatever you choose is in line with your intended play. Just because the casino has a 100% match for deposits up to $2000 doesn’t mean you should go for the entire amount.

Choose Roulette Type

Once you are done with registration, verification, and claim your bonus, it’s time to start playing. You will find that many Qatar online casino sites have different types of roulette games. The title and display differentiate most of them, but some vary in play.

For beginners, you should go for games that are easy to learn; American roulette is a great option. This way, you are assured that the learning process doesn’t cost you much. You can use the welcome offer to learn how to play or take advantage of the free game version.

Those who understand the rules of playing roulette are influenced by the most promising payouts and thrilling experience.

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Sign in
Deposit Money
Grab Bonus
Choose game

Types of Roulette

Online casinos offer access to all variations of roulette from different software developers. Additionally, it is easier to transition from one game of roulette to the next. This perk is particularly beneficial to players who are keen on exploration.

American Roulette

This is one of the most popular variations of roulette played both online and in land-based casinos. The game has 38 sections, including two sets of 0’s, which distinguishes it from other forms of the game. Players need to predict the number in which the ball will land on once the wheel stops spinning.

There is an equal probability of the ball landing on any number. However, the presence of two 0’s, both green, gives you room for a more diversified bet. However, this also comes with decreased chances of winning. Players can make a combination of bets to increase their chances.

European Roulette

The popularity of this game can be attributed to the incredibly low house edge it offers. Also, unlike American roulette, European roulette has one zero, which means a higher chance of winning. The game is easy to understand, making it an excellent choice for beginner players.

All a gambler is required to do is place their chips on the desired bet and click on the spin button. Once this is done, the wheel spins, and if it stops on a bet, you are paid. You can continue playing for as long as your account has money, all you need is to choose whether to bet again or clear bets.

French Roulette

This game has a different layout compared to European and American roulette. This diversity makes it a popular choice for gamblers looking for a new twist to a classic game. French roulette also offers the least house advantage, which also contributes to its popularity.

The first distinction is that there is one single zero on the wheel, and the numbers are written in white. Also, the location of the numbers varies. The primary and most noticeable difference is in the position of the outside betting field. In French Roulette, it is split into two and located on both sides of the table. The moniker in the game is displayed in French with an English translation availed on the screen.

Live Roulette

This is the most exciting feature of online gambling. The live roulette option gives you the closest experience to a land-based casino. In this version of online roulette, you get a live dealer, and you can play against other gamblers. This allows you to interact with players from around the world without coming into contact or revealing personal information.

Live roulette also has higher stakes and more significant rewards, and this makes it one of the most thrilling variations of the game. You can see the dealer as you play, and they are professionally trained, with extensive experience.

Mobile Roulette

With the shift in online gambling to mobile casinos, gaming platforms have provided mobile roulette options. The games have the same features and offer similar perks despite the device in use. The same paytable numbers and rules guide the game. This way, you can play your favorite roulette game whenever and wherever you are.

Bets You Can Make In Online Roulette Games

Like any other form of gambling, the trick is to when luck is on your side and when you should be cautious. Roulette is a game of chance as it is of strategy. Hence, ensure you understand the game, possible bets, and how different plays affect your bankroll. Some of the gambles you can make in a game of roulette include:

Inside Bets

This involves betting on a single number or a group of them. You can only group the bets based on their proximity. Inside bets offer lower odds but come with better payouts. The following are some inside bets you can make:

  1. Straight – this is when you bet on a number. It is known as a single bet, and it has the lowest probability for wins.
  2. Split – this is when you bet on two adjacent numbers.
  3. Street – this is betting on a row of numbers.
  4. Corner – betting on four numbers that form a square.
  5. Double street – you bet on two rows, that is 6 numbers.
  6. Basket – this is only available on American Roulette. You get to bet on five numbers, that is 0,00. 1, 2, and 3.

Outside Bets

These are safer as they offer better odds. Here are some outside bets you can make:

  • Even money – these cover all possible outcomes except the (double) zero. All even money bets are red or black, even or odd, 1-18, 19-36.
  • Column or dozen – these cover almost a third of all possible outcomes. You get to bet on 1-12, 13-24, 25-36.

Even money bets have 50% probability while column and dozen have 32. 43%.

Roulette Bonuses

Welcome Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
Deposit Bonus
Vip Program
No Deposit Bonus
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses
Reload Bonus

Online casinos have to keep up with the industry to ensure they retain relevance. One of the most common ways is to offer players enticing bonuses consistently. The offers are used to draw new members and maintain old ones. Your status as a player and the size of your bankroll determines the value and composition of your bonus.

Welcome Bonus

Some casinos require that you deposit to qualify for a bonus. These bonuses can be divided across several deposits to give a player more value. Some casinos have welcome bonuses that do not require you to make a deposit.

When you take a deposit bonus, you need to ensure you can meet the wagering requirements since you cannot access your wins until you do. Also, ensure that you are comfortable with the deposit limits. Welcome offers are the introductory part for many new members on a casino. Therefore, you should ensure that you understand what you are getting to avoid future misunderstandings.

Free Spins

These allow you to play several rounds of your favourite roulette game without having to pay. Free spins are also a great way to extend the play and increase your winning chances. In most cases, this offer is given as part of a bonus.

If you are looking for a free spins offer, you should go through the casino list and find one that has free spins for roulette for money online. Ensure the spins can be used on your preferred game variation since some casinos only offer them for slots. Although the spins are not attached to a deposit, you need to play with a deposit. You will need to meet a playthrough requirement before you can withdraw winds.

No Deposit Bonus

Although no deposit bonuses are not typical for many casinos, it is one of the most enticing packages, especially for new players. You get some funds to play your favourite roulette game without having to invest.

This bonus is awarded after you register on a casino, and it is ideal for gamblers who want to get a feel of the platform before funding their account. With the no deposit bonus, you get to explore various aspects of a casino to determine whether it is the right fit.

Strategies and Tactics to Play Roulette

Roulette is a gamble that relies both on luck and skills. One thing you need to keep in mind is that no matter how qualified you are, there are still instances when you will lose. The game also requires a lot of patience. That said, there are several strategies and tactics that you can use to improve your odds. Here are some:

Betting On Colors Or Even / Odd

In colour betting, you have to predict whether the ball will fall on red or black colour. This is an outside bet. Alternatively, you can bet whether the ball will land on an even or odd number. While some casinos allow a bet on the Zeros, some don’t. The chance of winning on these bets is high.


Here, you increase the bet size after every loss. This means that eventually, when you do win, you recover the money lost. The strategy is simple. However, you need to understand that this strategy does not necessarily increase your chances. You get small wins after a short period. At times, the loss will outdo the wins.


You need to set a foundation for your bet in this strategy. Then, you increase the stake after losses and decreasing after a win. When using this strategy, you need to have a unit that guides you on how much you are adding or deducting. Players need a reasonable budget as this works through several rounds.


The foundational concept is the Fibonacci sequence, where the number you get the equals the sum of the last two. This strategy works well with even money bets. The first number in the sequences is 1, but you don’t have to start there. It is, however, essential that you start with the least amount. Keep in mind that it will take a while to even out the losses and wins.


Those looking for low-risk strategy appreciate the simplicity and art of the 666 strategy. The concept behind this roulette tactic is that the more numbers you bet, the higher your chances of earning frequent small wins. With it, you get to spread the risk around the table. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that your stake is higher in the 666 strategy.


This strategy involves keen observation of the common number in a game. After a few spins, you need to assess the numbers and make the recurring one your pivot. Then, you bet on this number until it gives you a win. If the pivot number is attained on the 36th spin, your payout evens out with the loss.

Five Squares

This tactic is best learnt in practice. You need to bet one or two sets of four consecutive numbers. Ensure the numbers are the same color as the previous spin but not the same number. Also, don’t bet on numbers that haven’t appeared in the last round of spins.

The growth of online casinos came with the demand for newer games. The growing market also contributed to an increase in the number of software developers. Now players get to choose games based on the developer and the advantages they offer. Some are known for unique game features, while others have excellent concept execution and impeccable graphics.


This is one of the most popular game developers in the industry. The likeability the company enjoys is due to its reputation in creating exciting and fair games. Microgaming roulette games have high-quality graphics and features and are accessible on different devices.

Evolution Gaming

The reputation of Evolution gaming communicates excellence. When it comes to the quality of games, especially on mobile devices, players get the same experience as they would on a desktop. This is due to the high-end and reliable software used in the design.


The is one of the few new gaming providers that have managed to stand out. Quickspin is reliable, and it has proven its skill in giving players quality and entertainment in different game categories. As a leading provider in Europe, Quickspin has adapted to the modern gaming world by ensuring the games are accessible on multiple devices without compromising on experience.

Payment Methods for Qatar Online Casinos

Click on Deposit Button
Choose Deposit Method
Decide Amount of Deposit
Click Deposit
Enjoy Casino Games

One key determiner of whether a casino is right for you is the list of banking methods. Ensure the platform offers options that are accessible in your country. Players also need to be keen on transaction charges, whether you can deposit and withdraw using the same method and how long it takes for your funds to reflect.

International Maestro

This is one of the older available methods. Gamblers get to choose whether to use a debit or prepaid cards. MasterCard provides both of these. Players who do not wish to mix other areas of finances with gambling might opt for the prepaid cards. This is because the bank issues debit cards. With prepaid cards, you can choose to fund them with the intended playing budget.

Visa and MasterCard

Most online casinos offer Visa and MasterCard as banking methods. Players can use any debit or credit card from the two. When choosing either of these methods, you should look through the minimum and maximum deposit amounts as they vary. Other than proven dependability, Visa and MasterCard offer the option to make transactions using various currencies. This makes them convenient choices for players around the world.

Eco Card

Ecopayz is one of the rising payment methods in online casinos. The increased preference can be attributed to the reliability in terms of security. The banking method has systems in place to ensure that transactions are only made with your consent, and all information is protected.


Online banking methods such as E-Wallets offer extra perks compared to traditional ones. For instance, with Much better, you get to keep track of your spending in different casinos. Also, you can use the money you win while gambling to make purchases on the internet. This is one of the most convenient aspects of this banking method.

Casinos to Avoid

  • Huge wagering requirements
  • No live chat and support
  • Long payments
  • Pirated copies
  • No phone number
  • Long wait
  • Withdrawal problems
  • Poor support
  • Pirated copies of Novomatic games


  • Can I play roulette online on my mobile device?

    Yes. Depending on the software provider, you can play roulette on Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • What deposit methods can I use to start playing online roulette in Qatar?

    There are options of traditional banking such as Visa and MasterCard, E-Wallets like ecoPayz, and some casinos accept cryptocurrency.

  • Is online roulette safe?

    Yes. Casinos use encryption technology to protect all data you share. You no longer have to go to foreign websites with strange texts, you can play safely online at online casinos Qatar.

  • What Is The Best Strategy For Playing Online Roulette?

    Everyone has their own game strategies. It’s about what makes you feel comfortable and what works for you.

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